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I have been asked and asked if I am going to start blogging regularly again – and the answer is YES! Finally I have time between clinic hours, home life, speaking engagements and a 12 week old puppy… and I am going to get back to the blog!

Todays blog is all about being healthy. Its winter, its cold, and its dark. There is nothing better than, at the end of the day, curling up by the fire with a bowl of pasta and a glass of red, or a big bowl of soup and hot crusty bread, OR a hot chocolate and marshmallows! But, that is not healthy… is it?

There is a fine line around living a healthy life and feeling in control… and your healthy life controlling you!

I am lucky and I get to meet a lot of interesting people every day; clients, friends, colleagues and journalists. There are so many people who love to tell me that they are living by certain food ‘rules’; only eating at certain times, excluding certain food groups (without medical reason), only eating certain combinations of foods, and following certain eating plans.

I understand that the intention is there to be ‘healthy’, but the irony is; your ‘healthy life’ may just be making you UNHEALTHY! If you are constantly worried about food – researching, discussing, trying different plans, and stressing over every meal / snack – then there is a problem.

As a dietitian, the pattern I see most often is that when a person learns to relax the ‘rules’, eat with variety, listen to their body and their needs, introduce more wholegrains and cut down on large amounts of fats, cut down on intense exercise daily, understand how food works in the body, and TRUST their bodies; only then do they see improvements. Reports are generally improvements in energy, moods, gastrointestinal symptoms, weight loss and overall, a better feeling of balance and well being.

It is not surprising to me when clients start to see lifestyle ‘results’, but it is to them – and I love it every time! You see, eating in a balanced fashion, and understanding your body and your needs, gives you tools for life. Over time the domino effects of overall health include improved confidence, a sense of self compassion, and a feeling of contentment… I can even verify this from personal experience!

So, start by deciding to tune into your body this winter – rest when you need to rest, eat when you are hungry, get to know yourself… really know yourself, and allow yourself to be that wonderful human being that you are; perfectly YOU!


Kathryn xx - Black


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