About Kathryn

KATHRYN HAWKINS is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Accredited Nutritionist (AN), Presenter and busy Mum.

Kathryn is delighted to be recognised as one of Sydneys nutrition experts in the areas of Womens health & wellness; corporate and workplace health; treating and preventing eating disorders; non-dieting approach to health; body image and paediatric nutrition.

To date, Kathryn has presented at countless corporate events all around Australia. She is often left in awe of her audiences when presenting on health, nutrition and wellness topics, as there is such a positive vibe in the room. “Audiences continue to astound me with their openness, energy and passion for health and nutrition… their excitement is contagious!” she says.

Kathryn is the in-house Health and Wellness Advisor at Synchrony Australia, Body Beyond Birth and The Pantry Australia; Runs regular health and nutrition work shops on the Northern Beaches of Sydney; Contributes to a number of mainstream publications; Is the Senior Dietitian, and manages the food service, at Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital in Warriewood.

Kathryn lives with her husband, two young daughters and their much loved cavoodle, Louie, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. When she is not working, she enjoys sailing, skiing, reading, spending time with her family... and a cold glass of Champagne!

Kathryn Hawkins


Kathryn is passionate about assisting people to reach and maintain health goals by empowering and educating them in an honest and supportive environment. She is open, engaging and easy to talk to and thrives on helping her clients and readers to understand the, sometimes confusing, world of nutrition.
As more and more evidence is emerging to suggest that weight is actually a very poor indicator of health, it is Kathryns belief that if a person turns their focus towards understanding nutrition and ‘gaining health’, then they can learn to become more mindful, minimise non hungry eating, and understand the real value of food (without the gimmicks). This is an important step in taking ownership of your well-being and freeing yourself from the constant worry about ‘body’ and ‘weight’, whilst achieving your health goals.
Kathryn’s areas of interest lie in eating behaviors, weight management, childrens, adolescent & women’s health, and chronic disease management. She prescribes to a fairly simple nutrition philosophy:

  • Eat more plants and wholefoods
  • Eat less processed food
  • Eat in a way you enjoy
  • Eat local foods when possible
  • Eat when you are hungry
  • Eat mindfully
  • Trust your body
  • Care for yourself

 Kathryn has further professional training in:

  • Family Based Therapy for the treatment of Anorexia Nervosa
  • Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa and Disordered Eating
  • Paediatric Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Diabetes Management
  • Prevention of Heart Disease
  • Management training in the Health Sciences
  • Public Speaking and Presenting
  • Media Training


Be a source of positive change.
Work with integrity, honesty and character.
Embrace new learning.
Promote nutrition in line with the latest evidence based research.