I want to introduce you to is my favorite demeanor – it is that of ‘consistency’. It is a very simple, yet quite powerful, way to be.

Consider this: It is the consistent actions of a person that ultimately determines their success.

Think of some one you know, who, in your eyes, is successful. Now think about why… I bet it is because they have been consistent. This is true in all areas of life – study, sport, work, parenting, marriage, friendship, health… you name it. A consistant approach will always lead to a better out come… Lets look at why.

A colleague said to me early Monday morning “did you have a nice break?” and I replied, “yes thank you, I did, but I am pleased now to be back at work and in some sort of routine again”. They looked at me as if I had two heads, but I meant it! Having routine and regularity in our lives has several psychological and physical benefits in that it allows us to get into a rhythm that we work best in, gives us something to look forward to, is easier on the body, and eases anxiety. Routine helps us become consistent.
This is not to say that if you work shift work or travel a lot you cannot practice consistency or keep routine, it may just take more effort and awareness. Routine can be built around practices at meal times, at bed time or on rising, irrelevant of the time of day this may be, and being consistent in who you are and what you do.

Here are some examples of being a consistent person:
▪ If you are consistent with your intake of wholesome food and 30 minutes of exercise per day, then you will continue to remain relatively healthy.

▪ If you are consistent in your words to those most important to you, they won’t have to guess how you are feeling and how you will react, and greater trust will be established.

▪ If you are consistent with your approach and performance at work, you are more likely to be more organized, have greater success and less stress.

Greater consistency in even one small area of your life can have a positive impact on so many others. If you figure out how to be consistently YOU, then you can be anything you want. I completely believe this.

How does consistency work?

1. It creates momentum
When you take consistent action every single day, your brain absorbs a wealth of information and ideas that can help you keep going. Taking consistent action creates momentum and builds on itself and we began to feel the improvements little by little, ultimately building confidence, and success.
Consistent action and focus on a particular goal on a daily basis will yield the inevitable attainment of it. Once it becomes a habit, continued consistency will ensure you sustain it.

2. It induces failure in order to provide valuable feedback.

Perhaps one of the reasons why people don’t work everyday toward their goals is because they know failure will rear its ugly head at some stage. Don’t be afraid of that… Embrace it! Failure provides us with valuable feedback.
Consider how we learn from infancy. If an infant is learning to pick up a toy, he or she may try one way and fail, but immediately try a different approach. They may try dozens of times before they successfully grasp it. The infant does not try once and then give up and become miserable! The infant is learning from the feedback that failure taught them. Once learned, it becomes habitual and no longer requires conscious thought. Further to this, once the task is able to be performed consistently, it can be improved on over time.

Aristotle said,

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

So, if we practice being consistent in the way we live… it will become a habit.

So, you have started by visiting my website and my diary, and it really can be a time of change and a time of growth for you. With a consistent approach and a commitment to improving your health, you really can work to build confidence, self compassion, and reach your goals – physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Be kind to yourself, mindfully practice being consistent, and I look forward to you visiting again soon,



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