Food Brands

Food Brands Kathryn Recommends

Please note - These are not sponsored or paid advertising, simply products I want to share with you to help you make the best choices for your family... x

Why I love the Burgen Bread range:

It terms of supermarket breads, the Burgen range is my favourite for four main reasons:

- It is low GI, helping keep blood sugar levels steady and give lasting energy.

-High in fibre and wholegrains.

-The perfect size for portion control.

-Great tasting and a range of textures and density to suit all the family!

Bills Organic Stoneground Multi Fruit Sourdough:

I LOVE the entire Bills range but the Multi Fruit is so delicious! Heres why it is so good:

-Beautiful large pieces of organic dried fruit - Sultanas, raisins, figs and apricots.

-Sourdough bread contains higher levels of folate and antioxidants than other breads.

-It has lower phytate levels allow your body to absorb the nutrients it contains more easily.

- Naturally preserved without sulphites. Sulphites can affect some asthmatics and can be the cause of allergies and sensitivities.

My favourite Yoghurt on the market:

Natural yoghurt is such a great thing to include in your diet for so many reasons, and I love this brand in particular because:

- The health benefits of the lactic bacteria in yoghurt: Improved gut health; Immune system support; lower body fat; stronger bones.

- Natural unsweetened Yoghurt provides an appetite satisfying protein, and a clutch of vitamins and minerals making it an extremely healthy snack.

-Chobani comes in a full cream, 2% fat and 0.5% fat: It is unsweetened so there is no added sugar to the lower fat yogurts, but they are higher in Protein. It is a personal preference!

The kids yoghurt range I LOVE:

There are a lot of kids yoghurts on the market and this is the one I think has the best nutritional profile.... BUT:

- Please don't use this as a squeezy pack for your kids to suck out of regularly.

-When possible, squeeze the packet into a bowl and feed with a spoon or allow self feeding.

Watch your kids enjoy this great tasting yoghurt for dessert, mix with fresh fruit and they will love it!