There are many speakers and presenters in the areas of nutrition, self care and daily performance, however, few have the knowledge and experience of Kathryn Hawkins.
Kathryn is an engaging presenter and respected dietitian. Her strength lies in the ability to connect with her audience through health and nutrition, body positivity, parenthood, lifestyle and self care. She develops and delivers a range of individually targeted presentations for corporations, events and expos. 

Although Kathryn thrives when interacting with a live audience, she has had experience delivering webinars, making educational videos, and has had some formal TV presenter training through TV Pro Global. 

Kathryn puts time and thought into each presentation in order to best empower her audience, and leaves them with new found knowledge and skills.
Kathryn's capacity to take nutritional information and apply it to real life, practical settings is what sets her apart from others in her field. Your audience will not only go home feeling inspired and driven to make change, but with some practical ideas on how to do this.
engaged audience

"Kathryn has a flair for communication and is able to effectively present nutritional information to a large group with clarity and ease."

- Yooralla Program, Melbourne 2014

Some of Kathryn's most popular presentation topics include

The food and lifestyle habits of effective leaders:

Effective leadership does not just happen – leaders plan. They know that improving their key lifestyle habits is paramount to great personal performance and excellent leadership.

Let Kathryn discuss with your audience, the key nutritional habits of effective leaders and how to incorporate these into your workplace. Adopt simple yet effective workplace strategies for weight control, take control of work based travel and social commitments and learn how to balance the demands of corporate life without sacrificing health long term.

Superfoods or super myths:

Or is it all marketing hype?

Goji berries, acai, cacao and chlorophyll: the list of superfoods goes on, and indeed, the popularity has spread.

But do they really live up to the hype, or is ‘superfood’ just a clever marketing spin?

Kathryn will help guide your audience through the hype, show them what to look for when buying different products, explain why this is, and give them the confidence to make decisions based on their new found nutritional knowledge. Following this presentation, the rambling of the media will become nothing but background noise.

Body Positive Nutrition – Raising happy & healthy eaters

This is a 1 hour presentation to parents, run in primary schools throughout Sydney and Melbourne.
We live in a tricky food and eating environment which can make it a challenge to provide our kids with the balance nutrition they need to be at their most healthy in the long-term. We’re being told not to call foods “good” or “bad” but then how can we teach our kids to eat well and value healthy foods? This information session aims to address the following issues:

  • The challenges of our food environment

  • Child weight – how can we help without harming?

  • The rise of eating disorders and a disconnected relationship with food, eating & the body

  • There are things parents can do to help!

Workplace Wellness:

This is a 1 hour presentation, designed to fit into a workplaces lunchtime, and is currently being run throughout Sydney.
Workplace Wellness is interesting and fun; full of real nutritional advice, and delivered in a way that can be easily understood. I give your workers practical ways to implement healthy changes at work, and I am there to answer any questions they may have and bust some of the most popular nutrition myths!
It does not matter how formal… or informal the setting is. I will work with you to create an interesting, relevant and engaging presentation that your staff will remember.
Nutritional solutions for busy women:

Kathryn gets it!

She is also a busy women and understands that although we ‘know’ what we should be doing, everyday demands, lack of time and competing priorities mean that we are not always able to put good habits into practice.

Let Kathryn show your audience just how to adopt simple strategies for weight control, meal planning, craving control and hormonal balance to take control of your health, for good.

Boost your energy, improve your life:

We're always saying it / hearing it – “I’m tired”. In a hectic, competitive corporate world, there may not be enough hours in the day, and sometimes, sleep deprivation is all part of the game.

busy woman

 But what if the way you eat made a difference?

Kathryn will teach your audience the key food habits for productivity and show them how to get real, get organized, get healthy, and start increasing energy levels. It may be just the edge your team needs!

Kathryn has also completed an advanced TV presenters certificate with TV Global, and would love to hear about making your next workplace film series. Whether it is an induction video, advertisement, or simply a health and wellness DVD for your organisation,  why not talk to Kathryn about how she can help you!

Kathryn made real sense and helped us understand the importance of nutrition on our overall health and performance. We were able to ask lots of questions and felt like she really listened.

ACN, Sydney, 2014


Thank you, Kathryn, for clearing up some nutritional ‘super myths’ tonight. I feel much more informed, and ready to make the best nutritional decisions for me and my family!

Balmain Fitness, Sydney, 2015

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